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RAPID CITY ENTERTAINMENT is a Canadian Feature Film Production Company
founded in 2019 by Greg Johnston & Neil MacKay

About Greg Johnston & How RAPID CITY ENTERTAINMENT Started

Greg Johnston, was born in the Ottawa area, later moving to the Barrie area, of Ontario, Canada.

Greg stepped into the world of film in the late 1990s when he attended acting school in Toronto. While working full-time during the day in the automotive industry, Greg would travel to Toronto several nights a week to attend acting school. Although, at the time, an acting career didn’t pan out, his love for the film industry never died.

In the mid 2000s, Greg went on to become a police officer and is now a Homicide Detective in one of the largest police services in Canada.

Eventually, Greg was introduced to Neil MacKay through a mutual friend. Greg, wanting to step back into the film industry and knowing that Neil had feature films under his belt, discussed with Neil the possibility of financially investing in one of Neil’s undetermined upcoming projects.

Then, Neil presented Greg with a script for a movie called Simon’s Reach, and Greg couldn’t put it down; he approached Neil about being the sole executive producer for the film.

Together, Neil and Greg put plans in motion to produce the film and Rapid City Entertainment was created. Then, as national borders began closing and some of the actors selected for the project were from other parts of the world, the Covid-19 pandemic made it necessary to put the Simon’s Reach project on hold.

In the meantime, Rapid City Entertainment slotted in the movie, Death Hunt. Greg not only assumed the Executive Producer responsibility, but also producer. Greg also acted in the film, as he played Deputy Gary Williams, one of the main villains. Death Hunt was released in 2022 and is available on all major digital platforms and DVD.

About Neil Mackay

Neil Mackay, born on May 31, 1972, in Toronto, had an interest in film throughout his childhood. At age 16, Neil received his first video camera; at age 18, he shot an amateur feature length film. Eventually, he broke into the industry as an editor and set designer, before he developed and produced two award-winning short films, entitled Greed Inc and

In 2012, Neil finally made his feature-length debut Battleground, in which he showcased his unique style and technical prowess. The project delivered an excellent return on investment for the producers, and gave him the confidence to continue making films while honing his skills.

For Neil’s second project, he expanded his short film, Greed Inc, to create Sixty Minutes to Midnight, a fast-paced action thriller. He assembled an international team for the project and led them through a gruelling month-long film shoot in rural Ontario, where he not only directed the film but also edited and acted as the cinematographer for the movie.
His films have been featured in American Film Market, Glasgow Film Festival, and Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

Death Hunt is Neil’s 3rd feature film. Through this project, in which he hopes to expand his vision of the perfect action film.